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EPA Licensed since 1998

- Insured -

In business since 2000

Repairing electrical issues can be difficult, as well as dangerous! Leave that to me....I have studied the NEC (National Electrical Codes) and was licensed in Illinois for many years. I have tons of experience with complicated repairs.  Here are some common electrical problems that i frequently encounter:

  • 3-way switch only works from one switch location
  • 4-way switch only works from one or two locations
  • Lights dim out when an appliance turns on
  • GFCI outlet trips randomly
  • Ceiling fan suddenly stops working via the remote control
  • Circuit breaker trips randomly
  • GFCI or Arc-fault breaker trips
  • Out-of-code violations

The county of Maricopa has adopted, and uses the latest National Electrical codes. These codes are in place to ensure absolute electrical safety for existing and new structures.

  • Breaker Testing & Replacement
  • 120/208/240v lines - 1 or 3 Phase
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • 3-way & 4-way switches
  • Dimmers, LED, Photovoltaic Circuits
  • Recessed (Can) Lighting
  • Outlets / Receptacles
  • Light Switches and Dimmers
  • Fans & Lighting Fixtures
  • Control Wiring
  • Low Voltage Wiring
  • Timers and other Circuits
  • Home Theater
  • Accent LED Lighting
  • Hot Tub/ Spa Wiring Repair