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In business since 2000

 making repairs in order to close on your home!

time is of the essence

I have been specializing in BINSR repairs for 15+ years, and can work fast to get them done. I am also a formerly licensed home inspector (2004-2005). I will also include an invoice with photos, to accelerate the contractual process. All codes followed "By the Book", which include: National Electrical Code, Interational Plumbing Code, Arizona Statutes, NASCLA, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, International Residential Code (IRC), state, county, and local codes.

A BINSR, or Buyers Inspection Notice Sellers Response, is a main

factor during final negotiations. It is a contract between the home buyer

and seller that ensures proper functioning of the dwelling's mechanical,

structural, or visual integrity. A licensed home-inspector, hired by the buyer, will look for any of these faults, and create a report for the buyer. Usually the repairs become part of the home's negotiation process, and a sale is contingent upon finalization of the repairs.  

In most cases, you, as the seller, will be given a timeline to accomplish all of the stated repairs on the BINSR list. I can accomplish many or all of the repairs quickly. Most common are HVAC, plumbing, electrical, drywall, paint, foundation, and roof repairs.