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Ways to Control Lights:

  • On/Off Switch
  • Remote Control
  • Light Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Timer

LED lights, or Light Emitting Diode, are a great technology that you can take advantage of for a relatively low cost. They can be used to add light or style to your kitchen, bathroom, bar, etc.

Usual places to install LED lights would be above the cabinetry, below the wall cabinets, or under the toe-kick. You may also place them above crown molding.

The LED lights only use 12 volts DC, which means that they run cool, and use a lot less power (about 1.7 amps per 25 feet) compared to the older incandescent style "rope lights" which use 120 volts and operate at very warm temperatures, as well as requiring much more power.

The lights can operate from a wall switch, a timer control, or the remote that comes with each set.

For a cool effect, I can place lights on the back of your TV, and either have them turn ON when the TV turns on, or turn on when the room is dark.

I use 5050 RGB LED lights that allow you to change to any color at any time using the remote control. 5050 type LED's are 5mm x 5mm square in size, and have maximum brightness if needed.A typical kit (right) costs around $30 each set.

Since the LED lights will need to plug into an outlet, I can install the outlets inside the cabinets for a very clean look